RE: virus: Angelica de Meme

D. H. Rosdeitcher (
02 Apr 97 21:22:25 EST

James wrote:
>David R. considers objectivism to be a desirable meme-complex;
>he advocates that objectivism will (eventually) conquer cyberspace. The
>Web is at least partially wider aware of Objectivism through his efforts
>on this list, and presumably elsewhere. The prevalence of cult-religious,
>commercial non-ideological and absolutely absurd personal web pages makes
>this a difficult demonstration indeed, at least in the short run (current

No, James. It can be demonstrated that objective ideas dominate cyberspace. For
instance, Tad's observation that this list seems less mystical than before
coincides with my impression that, unlike when I first came on CoV, I no longer
have this feeling of fighting the current, as people no longer attack me or
objectivism, except in an indirect, subtle way. And, the internet cult/religions
like the Hale-Bopp people entice people with notions like, "time to shed your
container". This is an axiomatically flawed concept since it implies separation
between mind and body. I could make a really sick joke about which ideas
"survive" through natural selection.