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>>Is this true???????????????????
>So I've read. They called it 'pocket money' in case they needed
>a taxi or a movie.

"They each had $5 and some quarters in their shirt pockets."
The _San Francisco Chronicle_, Friday March 29 1997, pp12

>>>I read that they died with armbands on that had "Heaven's Gate" above
>>>and "Away Team" below.
>>ha! more than just a purple shroud! I cannot just take this at word...
>>please state your (higher) source

"Cult members lay on neatly made bunks in the seven bedrooms and
throughout the house. Near each body was a neatly packed suitcase.
Next to some were folded eyeglasses. All were dressed in comfortable
black garb, including pleated, collarless tunics and spanking new,
waffled-soled black-and-white Nike running shoes. They wore black
plastic wristwatches and wide gold bands on their left ring fingers.
Oddly, each member's shirt pocket held a $5 bill and a bunch of
quarters. Some also had pocketed the recipe for their death mixture.
Each had closly shorn hair. Purple death shrouds were draped over the
upper torsos of all but two. They even sported triangular arm patchs with
the words "Heaven's Gate" stiched on top and "Away Team" along the bottom."

"" in _USNews & World Report_, April 7 1997, pp26-30

_Time_, April 7 1997 wins for having a full-page pix of a shrouded face.

The _USNews & World Report_ seemed to be the most biased and, yet,
the most 'fact full' in it's main article. However, followed it up
with two articles "The Eternal Quest for a New Age" and "Witches, Magic,
Ordinary Folks" that were shockingly fair (speaking as a practicing


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