Re: virus: Angelica de Meme

Tony Hindle (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 17:43:31 +0100

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>If objective reality is knowable, accurately and reproducibly among
>various persons, then it is part of knowledge. If objective reality has
>aspects that are currently not investigable (the best existing telescope
>is not of sufficient power to see planets in the Magellanic Cloud
How do you know they are there then?
Sorry. I have a working definition of objective reality which suffices
for this context I think. Objective reality is that part of the universe
which via science can tune in different people's subjective reality.
>> As I model all this, I see memetics as a tool that once
>>incorporated into one's mental tool kit, can be used to reduce the
>>sensitivity of our innate buttons. Allowing us more personal choice in
>>what we are thinking about.<
>Agreed, a very useful and widely-applicable tool.

>> I believe we are in complete agreement on this point.
>>Do you possess any arguments (that you hold in esteem) against why
>>memetics should not be more widely spread? <
Does anyone here know of any just reason why memetics and the
public at large should not be joined in holy matrimony? If so speak now.

Tony Hindle.
Memetics is the science of art.