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Wright, James 7929 (
Fri, 04 Apr 97 09:09:00 EST

Tony Hindle wrote:
> I will never reveal them then. But I will tell you a funny story
>about something that an idiot friend of mine did.<
I might be vulnerable to a similar mistake; since I watch little TV and
almost no sit-coms, I wouldn't recognize such a tag either.
>>>I do not lie.<<
>> This is the liar's paradox.
>>My statement "I do not lie" is based on the classical definition of
> I understand. The point I was making is "I do not lie" is the
>reply one would expect no matter wether the person saying it was telling
>the truth or lying.<
Reasonable enough. Lying is not a socially popular behavior to claim in
any circumstances that I can quickly recall, so no one would. I hope that
I can show that I do not lie to the satisfaction of anyone who asks.
>> but try always to remember to indicate such with
>>>emoticons (:-)) or abbreviations (VBG!).
> It was these that I dont know about. (although I must admit I
>never knew what a hyperbole was either.) Thanks for the VBG =very big
>grin, any more?<
Heavens, dozens! I'll try to dig up some old ones to repost, if someone
doesn't beat me to it.
>> Now you are reminding me a little of Data or more closely
>>from red dwarf.<
>>Who is Kryten the red dwarf?
> A character from a British Sit com (Red dwarf). It is very very
>very funny. Watch it if you ever get the chance.<
I enjoyed the Monty Python shows, Hitchhiker's Guide, Beyond the Fringe,
Goon Shows, etc. I currently enjoy Terry Pratchett's _Discworld_ books.
> I was refering to the implications of your choice not to swallow
>the pill. I interpret that you would exchange a lifetime of personal
>total bliss for staying in this (real?) world to do your small part in
>making it better. I want to make the world better but if I got a chance
>to jump ship to paradise it would be a case of:<
> "Bye all..have fun...I wont be thinking of you because I wont
>know you exist" <

Personal total bliss through ignorance would likely be short-lived, since
those around you might not be able to prevent your accidental collision
with a lethal aspect of reality. I would prefer to raise my longevity by
remaining aware.

>Consider Prof Tim's response.<<Snip backquote>
This is his personal choice, unless the entire post is a jest (which is
quite likely!)
>> I have difficulty following how deluding oneself would constitute
> This was explored recently in a thread with Dave mcf and others,
part of the God and level 3 thread.<
They were exploring the psychology of "psyching oneself up" to achieve
greater results than otherwise expectable. I didn't join in, since I do
not use this technique myself.
<Snip self-deception by button discussion>
> I tell you what all this brings to mind. A dialogue between man
>and God about free will which is near the beginning of "the mind's eye"
>fantasies and reflections on self and soul. (Dennett & Hofstadter.)<
More required reading! Will it never end? (VBG!)
<Snip backquote: thought experiment on preventing murder>
>>If you insist there is no alternative to someone dying, then PERHAPS
>>death is better than two;<<
> Perhaps? I am intrigued. Without changing the spirit of this
>thought experiment when would one death not be better than two?<
The first is a generally law-abiding person under attack by two confirmed
previous murderers; when he sees no alternative (in his mind) between
their demise and his own.
<Snip discussion, "There is no TRY">
> I think that we are programed with beliefs that exapt all our
>mental energies for their preservation. Some of them can be a real
>hinderance because they stop us from achieving certain goals. Take as an
>example a belief held thus:
> If I doubt X I will die.
> Unless one decides one can accept dying one cannot
>doubt X and therefore cannot unbelieve it.<
Given the transient nature of objective reality I would have difficulty
maintaining such a belief.
>> If I fail too often I give up.<
>> Because rationally I evaluate the evidence and accept the
>>apparently true conclusion "Its no good trying again Tony, You will
>>never get Claudia in the sack" <<
Then you never will. Have you tried changing your cologne? (VBG!)
>This is such a long, in depth exchange James. I reckon nobody else will
>reading all of it so keep quiet about my friend's stupidity please. <
Publishing (identified) stupidity is a service to the race, but I suppose
your original post is sufficient. I will not find it necessary to mention
it again.