RE: virus: Four Principles Digest

Jim Gadbois (
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 11:33:25 -0600

>Jim Gadbois wrote:
>>there is no "real" way to do what you propose, short of forming an
>>artificial community specifacly for this research. and how does one
>>(being no "we" to speak of) jump start a culture as rich and dynamic as
>>modern western culture...
> You are advising a lack of belief of feasibility, and that's fine. You do
>not see sufficient planning for success, and do not intend to attempt.
>In a regrettable example, the poetry and philosophy of Goethe, music of
>Beethoven and Wagner, art of Durer and drama of Mozart did not impede or
>prevent the rise of Naziism. The cultural contributions of Dostoyevsky,
>Mussorgsky and Tolstoi did not prevent communism. I fail to see how success
>in memetic engineering depends on overcoming culture - just co-opt it to your
>own ends. Happens in advertising every day...

indeed I see the point you make above. I was under the mistaken opinion
(due to my lack of total concentration on the thread, this being a part-
part- part time hobby of mine) that you ware discussing a scientific
model towards a theory of memetics.
>>memetics 'is' a theoretical science at least. On a personal level it
>>'can be' a completely practical brain rewiring tool.

>Depending on the depth of awareness of the recipient, memetics is at least as
>effective as advertising -

memetics is a branch offshoot of proppoganda theory (imho) and
advertising is the commercial equlivent of propaganda.