virus: RE: False Paradigms

D. H. Rosdeitcher (
04 Apr 97 19:21:28 EST

James wrote:
>[Truth is not absolute in Objectivism? How then can one make statements
>about the nature of objective reality?

One thing that both objectivism and pancritical rationalism take into account is
that we always deal with incomplete information. However, within incomplete
information, some knowledge, or models are more useful than others. Objectivism
calls valid knowledge "contextually correct"--true within the context of what
you know. Pancritical rationalism might call it "temporarily useful". Some
of the other ideologies that recognize that we have incomplete information, such
as agnosticism, do not make a distinction between contextually correct knowledge
and arbitrary statements. For instance, statements like "Jesus is Lord and
Savior" (in Christian context) would be considered to be an unsupported
assertion in objectivism, and a useless 'easy to criticize' statement in
pancritical rationalism (but that's debatable). But, in Agnosticism, such a
statement would be "maybe true, maybe not". Statements like "all truths are half
truths" can also be construed to mean that arbitrary statement are as valid as
statements that are either supported by facts in context, or can stand up in the
face of criticism.