virus: Re:Strange attractors and meta-religions (was God and Level-3)

D. H. Rosdeitcher (
04 Apr 97 21:20:45 EST

Mark H. wrote:
> Even for those whose withdrawal is just a response to a world they
>don't feel comfortable in, I would say that having a 'thin skin' is also
>something of a personality problem. There are a great number of
>basketcases walking around out there, and I don't think we can blame all,
>or even most, of them on society.
> Someone with an inability to cope
>effectively with everyday life does in fact have a problem, and that's just
>it - it doesn't indicate that society is so incrediby horrible, but rather
>that this person has a problem coping with reality.

> I started
>that particular coping mechanism when I started reading about Zen Buddhism,
>and later Marcus Aurelius. I just get tired of everyone bemoaning about
>how *horrible* everything is; there's no justice, etc. etc. People just
>need to get over it.

Mark--You have called people with problems coping with society "basketcases",
yet you appear to be stuck in the same type of resignation. By saying that
people who complain that "there is no justice" should "get over it", you imply
that people should just passively accept the world the way it is. You are giving
up, just like people in mental hospitals. What appears to be "thick skin" might
really be mental laziness. You seem to have swallowed bad memes of a 'Stoic'
flavor. Did Marcus Aurelius do the Romans any good? -David