RE: virus: Angelica de Meme

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 18:53:00 -0800

James wrote:
>AHA! Tad is openly in league with the GREAT SATAN/MANIPULATOR BRODIE! He
>is SPREADING the contemptibly false MEME-LIE throughout Eastern Europe!
>He is undoubtedly partaking of fine cognac and cigars, shipped straight
>from Seattle, and accepting other remunerations from the EVIL ONE!
>Now that I have gotten rid of my conspiracy-mania for a while, I wish to
>label the preceding paragraph as a JOKE, for the literally-minded. Tad is
>probably doing the people of Poland a great service by helping innoculate
>them against future meme-complexes of questionable validity; having
>suffered through Nazism and Communism sequentially, they deserve some

Enough talking... just nominate me for the Nobel Peace Prize.

>>Although with some of the book's statements it is not easy to agree, all
>of them >encourage thinking. The authour writes about three levels that
>people live their
>>lives at. The highest one is available only to few. How can one reach
>it? Does it
>>exist at all, or is it just propaganda?...<
>Did Brodie actually contend that the highest levels of creative thought
>are only AVAILABLE to a few? Damn it, Tad, you've almost convinced me to
>buy it!

You mean you haven't read the VotM yet?!

> >A notion that you know how to live because you know how to program
>peoples' >minds seems to be highly immoral to me.<
>I missed something somewhere. Who claimed this?

No one in particular, it was just in case, as I just answered this question
to Tony.

>Not only useless ideas, but those hostile to the continued existence and
>growth of a different population can be "defended" or spread; this may
>explain some of Richard's reluctance to discuss the 4 P's. Since the
>Internet is global, is it possible that some future nightmare may be
>prevented thereby?

The BIG question is still open. It was raised by David McF in response to
Richard's "people who know the first thing about memetics".
(R) The first thing to know about memetics is to hide harmful memes.
(D) The second thing to know about memetics is that hiding harmful memes is
not a solution.
(T) The third thing to know about memetics is that hiding harmful memes, you
secretly use, appears useful.

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