virus: Angelica de Meme

Reed Konsler (
Sat, 5 Apr 1997 17:28:23 -0500 (EST)

>There is no secret agreement between us and it is not part of a designed
>virus to help sell his book. As Richard said, CoV is an exceptional group
>of people worth talking to. There are often suggestions that this group is
>too self-referential. In the subject of memetics I think it is a great
>asset. These are real ideas of real people with real emotions and EGOs
>(make the font five times bigger). No better place to watch memes. That's
>why I like to use real quotes of what people said to illustrate my points.
>Then their egos jump at me and call me names, which in /science of memetics/
>is called "break the mirror if you don't like the picture" meme. There are
>many other very sophisticated meme species to study here. It is not just an
>out-of-a-book theory how memes should behave but a *real* test tube.

True, but...well. I was going to say something about this until I realized that
I'm of a number of minds on this statement. I might still be smarting from
the vivisection I got a little while ago, so I'll pass while I interrogate
my ego.


Reed Konsler