virus: Re:Strange attractors and meta-religions (was God and Level-3)

D. H. Rosdeitcher (
06 Apr 97 14:46:32 EDT

Mark H. wrote:
>I think I said in an earlier post that
>we are empowered to change our little corner of the world, and the lot of a
>few people around us.

Did Henry Ford who popularized cars simply "change his little corner of the
world"? If Ford, as an individual, did more than that, then should you
re-evaluate your position?

> I have not 'given up' but rather gained
>some perspective when I ask of everything "Is this significant; does it
>really matter?" Usually the answer is no. .

There seems to be a false premise that "significance" is something
intrinsic--exists independently of a people to which things are significant.
'Significant' implies, 'significant to whom?'.

>And yes, Marcus Aurelius did seem to benefit the Roman Empire - as much as
>one man can effect the course of an entire civilization, even given his

The entire Roman Empire seemed like a loser's culture--they borrowed all
achievements from the previous Greek civilization. And, where do you get the
premise that people are given "stations"?