virus: Translation

Corey A. Cook (
Sun, 06 Apr 97 18:58:04 CT

I wrote:
>Good point, but not the one I was trying to make. I was trying to
>steer the conversation towards the conclusion that a new spoken
>language might need to be developed in order to more accuratly
>translate from mindspeak to speech.

Martz replied:
>Something to translate from mindspeak to conscious thought might be a
>start. I reckon there is vast semantic distance even there.

First, let's try to list all the steps a meme has to go through in order
to transmit.
1) Mindspeak. The bottem level. Actual thought.
Concepts and abstraction.
2) Internal Verbalation. Conscious thought. May (or may not) be in
a verbal language.
3) Speech. Talking.
4) Transmission. Telephone, e-mail, etc.
5) Recieve.
6) Decode.

There may be more. This is getting complicated.

Corey A. Cook

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