Re: virus: PCR

Tony Hindle (
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 10:16:38 +0100

In message <v02140b04af6c3a7656c1@[]>, Reed Konsler
<> writes
>You know, the funny thing about PCR is that, in molecular biology
>it is an abbreviation for "Polymerase Chain Reaction"...the technology
>which allows humans to use natural enzymes to replicate the DNA
>they are interested in studying...I has always seemed to me that this frank
>conincidence has is a novel underlying substance.
>But then, everything of significance happened by chance.
Ha ha ha ha he he he ho ho ho. That is a brilliant joke.
You couldnt explain it to me could you Reed? Well not to me obviously I
get the joke, I mean for the benefit of anyone out here who might not.

Tony Hindle.
humility intended.