virus: virus digest

Corey A. Cook (
Mon, 07 Apr 97 06:59:17 CT

I wrote:
>I read Saturday's and Sunday's digests Thursday afternoon, and
>I had my illumination on Thursday night.

Tony wrote:
> What are Saturdays and Sundays digests? is there a summary
> of threads archived somewhere? I mean if I go away for a fortnight
> is there anyway I can get back up to speed without entering a
> "spiraling recursive growth of postings to be read" process?

Sorry about not responding to that, Tony. I figured that was
Dave McF's domain, so I was going to let his answer. Rather
than recieving individual messages each time someone posts to
the list, you can recieve the entire day's posts the next morning.
The digest is just all the posts pasted together into one e-mail.
I usually switch to digest when I'm away for a few days, since
my mailer can only handle 50 posts at a time. The digest option
is on the same page as the list subscription option. I don't have
the URL on me, but it's easy enough to find.

Corey A. Cook

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