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Wright, James 7929 (
Mon, 07 Apr 97 08:48:00 EDT

Jim Gadbois wrote:
>>Should we all simply adopt the Zen "meaningful
>>silence" when any point is raised?[JHW]
{Click}{Click}{Click} [clapping one hand in appreciation]
>>Adopting such a position would create silence on the mailing list, but
>>of those who honestly seek wisdom through discussion?
>a difficult question. this list drives me mad in that is is so self
referential; I'd like to see more outside sources quoted, less reliance
on previous quotes to support arguements (or to prop up a dead horse)<
There are so few places actively discussing memes, though, it's kind of
tough to get those outside sources to quote!
>and maybe some nudie .gifs, too.<
Anyone got one of Ayn Rand?(VBG!)
>this is a very challenging list. I put more time trying to plumb it's
murky depths >than I do with lists that are much "closer to home" to me.
I don't know why, I think >it is because of the overall importance of
what is being discussed.<
I enjoy a quality of conversation that is rare in public discourse, which
requires no time wasted on small talk about TV shows, weather, sports or
whatever else before tackling something interesting.
>I also feel that everything that has been said here has been said before
>in other words...( ex. Brodie's 3 levels= Leary's 8 level's of cosmic
>consiousness) I don't know...<
You get your wish above! I am not familiar with any of TImothy Leary's
writings, would you care to summarize?
>>If this is an on-line flame war between two non-affiliated spiritual
>>one in Wilmette and one in Skokie, you are welcome to create your own
>>list. CofV is full of enough disputes as it is! (VBG!)
>actually they work together towards the escalation of chaos..
>Heil Eris!
>Hell Yes!!
I am not a Discordian, although many of the ideas expressed in Norman
Spinrad's "Agent of Chaos" seem inviting to me.