RE: virus: RE: False Paradigms

Wright, James 7929 (
Mon, 07 Apr 97 09:13:00 EDT

David R. wrote:
>>James wrote:
>>[Truth is not absolute in Objectivism? How then can one make statements

>>about the nature of objective reality?<<
>One thing that both objectivism and pancritical rationalism take into
account is
>that we always deal with incomplete information. However, within
>information, some knowledge, or models are more useful than others.
>calls valid knowledge "contextually correct"--true within the context of
>you know.<
ALL RIGHT! We have found some common ground! I can consider Objectivism a
"contextually correct" model, more useful than other models within the
incomplete knowledge base that it contains.
Thanks, David, now we can proceed with other matters.