RE: virus: Chomsky, language genesis.

Jim Gadbois (
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 10:41:16 -0500

>Tony begged for truth:
> What's Eris? Also what is so much sex that it causes brain
>damage, and where can I go to get it?

having sex with Eris is a very traumatic experience...

She will solve all your problems (hang ups, motivational deficiencies,
collection agencies) and in return She;ll expect you to solve all Her
problems (the volume of a photon in a vaccuum, stupid shades of green,
fish wearing bicycles...)
>Uh I don't know about the sex part, but Eris was the greek goddess of
>discord and chaos. According to legend, the greek gods and goddess
>had a big party, but didn't invite Eris, because she was a troublemaker.
>To get back, she took a golden apple and wrote Kallisti (greek for
>"To the prettiest", I think) on it. Three of the goddesses began to
>fight over it, and asked Zeus to judge between them. He passed the
>buck to a mortal named Paris. Each goddess offerd to bribe Paris, and
>one of them hit his weak spot: sex. Aphrodite offered to arrange for
>Paris to sleep with the most beutiful woman in the world. It just so
>happened that she was Helen (_the_ Helen), and this simple act of
>revenge started the Trojan War. The roman name for Eris was
>Discordia, and so those that follow her nowadays call themselves
>discordians. Her followers are, without an exception, extremely odd.

hey, I resemble that remark!
>Hail Eris!

Hail Yes!