RE: virus: Re: Sling Blade

Jim Gadbois (
Tue, 8 Apr 1997 10:08:30 -0500

> What is a fascinating field of inquiry? Could someone help me I
>just cant find what this was connected to. Come to think of it I dont
>recall receiving any postings from Richard for ages, I have been reading
>everything and I havent been memory-loss drunk recently either. Could it
>be that I was abducted by aliens?
>Tony Hindle.

Tony, I don't think it was Aliens (for me, that is a bold statement...)
I feel that a lot of the ideas and conversations in the CoV have
recently come to a climax... and a few good memes have been passed, too.
>if< Mr. Brodie has an agenda (and a good sized minority of people on the list
seem to think so...) now would be the most favourable time to gel those
concepts >he< wants amplified.

on much the same note, I formally apologize in advance for steping on
anyone's feet with my parody post about Marsupial Memes...