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>Subject: Re: virus: Strange attractors and meta-religions
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>>>The entire Roman Empire seemed like a loser's culture--they borrowed all
>>>achievements from the previous Greek civilization. And, where do you get the
>>>premise that people are given "stations"?
>>> -David
>>Careful how you diss the Romans. You're talking about an entire culture
>>which, I would argue, did create a lot of physical and mental value.
> Bollox, what of any physical or mental value (except for the
>aquaduct, the sanitation, the roads, irrigation, medicine, education,
>and the wine, public baths, public order a fresh water system and public
>health) did the romans ever create?
>Tony Hindle.
>And peace, they brought peace.

And, like LATIN man...and where would we be without it?
How about the concepts of Republic and Empire? Even the brilliant Greeks were
unable to get their act together and actually unify more people than could
reasonably be supported in a single city state...all their leagues and
were insignificant when compared

The Romans did a fucking good job of creating a superorganism...and across
a much vaster
space and including more individuals than was ever before attempted (in the then
Indian and Chinese civilizations were already pretty vast) and across
geography that
no group had ever before unified under a common governement. The Romans didn't
just take to arable land and the docile people...and they were creators,
not destroyers
of infrastructure.


Reed Konsler