Re: virus: Sign memes & Chomsky

Corey A. Cook (
Wed, 09 Apr 97 08:09:24 CT

Tony wrote:
>Robin wrote:
>>Tony wrote:
>>> This is food for thought. Suppose that thinkers go through life
>>>learning a new "pidgeon language" in which to communicate the cutting
>>>edge concepts of scientific research (as CotV is doing imho). Then as we
>>>pass them on to the next generation of thinkers they filter it all
>>>through the LAD (some higher order grammar being added). The new
>>>grammatically correct conceptualisations allow clearer communication so
>>>that the next generation of scientific questions can be asked, answers
>>>gleaned and pidgeon language learned. Comments?

>>The LAD only operates upto the mid-teens, so your "next
>>generation of thinkers" is going to have be pretty young!

> Even so, I think that 14 year olds today are taught everything
>that was at the cutting edge of scientific research a hunderd years ago.
>(the work of the great scientists has been to explain a large number of
>observations by using a smaller number of (more abstract) theories).
>Perhaps by filtering it through their LADs they improve the grammar
>between "higher level concepts" (theories) and this stronger foundation
>allows a better, deeper understanding later so that they can pose the
>next set of cutting edge questions. I suppose what I am saying is that
>the LADs allow a massive condensation of the amount of input required in
>order to become fluent.

Problem: If the theories that are taught to these children are incorrect
(fail to accurately describe reality), all the energy spent in using
these LAD things will be wasted. They will learn to speak a new language,
but it won't be of any use.

Don't get me wrong, I think that what you are saying has merit. Children
should be taught sciences. But they should also be allowed flexibilty to
correct their elders mistakes.

Corey A. Cook

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