RE: virus: Strange attractors and meta-religions (was God and

Mark Hornberger (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 02:18:11 -0500

>>I do think there's a place for it (as long as it's voluntary) but I
>>distrust it. Self-interest is so much more dependable, LOL.<
>Is it? Self-interested friendship disappears as fast as the self-interest
>does - dis-interested (altruistic) friendship, never depended upon from
>the beginning, is a daily delight - unexpectedly appearing when you need
>it, or bestow it on someone else who you don't know.
>BTW, I left my lights on the other night myself - and got a jump from a
>friend, someone I did know. Karma, perhaps?
I would make a distinction beween 'acts of kindness' and 'friendship.' The
two are of course not inimical, but they are (IMO) not the same thing. All
of my friendships are based on self-interest; I find them interesting,
insightful, funny, supportive, intelligent, or something, which is why I
like them and seek their company. I also have a tendency to try to be
around those I consider smarter or more educated (not the same thing,
again) than myself, in the hopes that something will rub off. I may
perform random acts of kindness to those who need it (or those who don't,
if the mood strikes me) but that doesn't mean we're friends, unless a
rapport develops and I decide I want to get to know them better, and they
reciprocate that desire. I may be friendly with someone (smiles and nods
when we see each other) and/or have running joke going with someone, but to
me that isn't 'friendship.' But perhaps I'm being stingier with that label
than you, and what appears to be a difference in philosophy is just a
haggling over definitions.

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