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Reed Konsler (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 13:40:25 -0400 (EDT)

From: "Corey A. Cook" <>
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 97 07:27:24 CT

Reed wrote:
>Review your Dennett. Are you sure you aren't reconstructing a Cartesian

A what?

>I think I see a "central meaner" hiding in 1) and 2) above. Is that just me?

A what?

Ack! Dennet wrote a whole book on this subject which I still don't claim
to completely understand. I'm going to invoke the local network problems
I've been experiencing recently as a clever dodge while
I try to figure out how to explain these ideas without losing my job (due
to neglect) in the process.

Sorry for using jargon, though. Does you local library have a copy of
"Conciousness Explained"
by Dennett? I really recommend you get the word from the source...I'm not
sure I can do it
justice or reproduce it with any fidelity. I'll think about it,
though...give me a week or so?

I don't wonder where my money goes. I know. When I started getting really
into this group, I decided that I wasn't going to spend any money on it. If
someone recommends a book, and either I or the library has it, I'll read
it. Otherwise, too bad. As is, neither I nor the library has anything on
memetics, although VotM is on order at the University.

How true. If only I had such discipline.

>All truths are half-truths.
>I'm not being cheeky, that is the answer I would give.

If you are saying that there is no definitive answer to that question which
applies at all times, I agree with you. If you aren't saying that, I don't
know what you're saying.

>You're restating the Aphorist's Dilemma.
I'm not familiar with that one. Could you elucidate?

The Aphorist's Dilemma: All truths are only half-truths.

For instance: Look before you leap...but, he who hesitates is lost.
Or: Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread...but, nothing ventured
nothing gained.

One of the most obvious demonstrations of this was Douglas Addams
"answer to the question of life the universe and everything": 42
(I may be misremembering the actual number)
leading to the search for the
"question to life the universe and everything": what is 6 x 9?
(Again, I may be misremembering the actual equation...
the essence is that the answer is incorrect)

Whoa! It's a allusion to science, aye? Or maybe to life.
We run around in deductive circles looking for simple answers
to complex questions like hamsters on a wheel.

One will never find the Word...but if you're observant
during the quest you may find the Process. And if you
use the Process, eventually the illusion of control may become
the reality of control.

But, it's the Faustian bargain...a pyrric victory. Whenever you
discover a new kind of power, it just becomes a new baseline for
competition...6 billion hamsters have to run all the faster.

Is there a way out? Is there a purpose? Where is it all going?

Don't ask me, I'm trying to manipulate you to my advantage.

Does this seem needlessly poetic to you? Perhaps if you were
more specific about the kind of answer you were looking for
we all could come closer to a satisfying answer.


Reed Konsler