Re: virus: Sign memes & Chomsky

Corey A. Cook (
Thu, 10 Apr 97 15:54:05 CT

Tony wrote:
>Corey wrote:
>>Problem: If the theories that are taught to these children are incorrect
>>(fail to accurately describe reality), all the energy spent in using
>>these LAD things will be wasted.
> So long as the theories taught are our best at explaining things
>(since we can stop when our theories actually do describe reality
>accurately) we can rely on them to influence the evolution of Memes in
>the children's memcologies so that the process of memetic evolution can
>continue to furnish future generations with closer and closer
>aproximations of reality.

When I read your original post advocating the use of childrens' minds
to furthur science, the following scene was conjured up in my head:
a nation (or world) wide program for children, where concepts, theories,
and models are fed to them, in the hope that a new understanding will
be reached, and make the world a better place.
What frightened me was the idea that this entire scheme might have some
fundamental flaw and backfire, possibly harming an entire generation of
impressionable minds.
On the other hand, if it is only used on a small number of subjects,
the rewards would be that much smaller. We have the classic
delema (sp): it must be widespread enough to do some good, but small
enough that it can't do much harm.

Corey A. Cook

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