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Reed Konsler (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 17:03:34 -0400

> From: "Corey A. Cook" <>
> Date: Thu, 10 Apr 97 17:02:03 CT
> Reed wrote:
> >Sorry for using jargon, though. Does you local library have a copy of
> >"Conciousness Explained" by Dennett? I really recommend you you get
> >the word from the source...I'm not sure I can do it justice or reproduce
> >it with any fidelity. I'll think about it, though...give me a week or so?
> Yes, there is a copy at the University. At the moment, though, I'm
> more interested in finishing G,E,B and Metamagical Themas.

Both are excellent. I haven't gotten to the end of GEB yet but MT was
very interesting. Give Dennett a chance, though...he's a tough read
but that's becuase he sits on the line between his home field of philosophy and
the public turf. I found it a great introduction to philosopical language
(which I formerly had been very frustrated with) as well as great ideas. From
his vantage point you can go either way: deep into hermenutics or out into the
wild and woolly world of the vague and general.

I'm not certian which is more difficult. ;-)

> >The Aphorist's Dilemma: All truths are only half-truths.
> That isn't a Dilemma, that's a truth.

The dillema is: what is the answer to life?

There is no aphorism which answers Douglas Adams alluded to.

Maybe I think that is a deeper revelation than you do. I've always been
a late bloomer. ;-)

> >Does this seem needlessly poetic to you? Perhaps if you were
> >more specific about the kind of answer you were looking for
> >we all could come closer to a satisfying answer.
> Oh, sure! Blame your lousy answer on my crappy question. That's
> the loser's way out! <VBG>

Ouch! Touche. I'll try to be better next time. <VBG>