virus: get me off this list

Sat, 12 Apr 1997 17:21:21 EDT

>i do not want to be on this list
>Last night at dinner with some friends, one of them mentioned, in passing,
>"Consensus Reality" and I was taken by the term (coined, I think, by the
>author of _Psychedelic Shamanism_, whose name escapes me at the moment).
>It is kind of a middle ground between Objective and Subjective realities.
>It's the aspects of our subjective understanding of objective reality
>that we (as the name implys) can all agree on. Consensus reality varies
>from culture to culture as well as over time within a culture and is, in
>essence, the reality we deal with on a day to day basis. It also has the
>memesphere built into it's definition, and I like that part. As well as
>alluding to non-consensus realities that can exist in smaller pockets of
>culture (Heavens Gate, Microsoft, etc) such that, say, the consensus
>reality of CofV may be different than that of Heavens Gate, but both
>make contributions to Consensus Reality as a whole.
>A truly successful meme, then, is one that spreads to the level at which
>it becomes a part of the Consensus Reality of that memesphere.
>-Prof. Tim