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Corey A. Cook (
Mon, 14 Apr 97 16:01:30 CT

James wrote:
>Corey wrote:
>>For example: the Assassins of the Crusades had as one of their teachings:
>>"Nothing is true. Everything is permissible." This may have been
>>one of the ideas that allowed them to carry out their dirty work. My
>>Zenarch inverted that teaching, and began to study: "Everything is true.
>>Nothing is permissible." I was able to use the concepts that arose
>>from that session to disarm are particularly messy situation that
>>occured a few weeks later.
>Quite interesting! Could you elaborate, without discomfort?

No, not really. I keep trying to, but every time I start to, I start getting
hung up on what actions I took, which ones I should have, and whatnot. It
may be that the event is just still too fresh in my mind.

>>Without belief, we would begin to _doubt_ that Zen or Zenarchy have merit.
>>Our _doubt_ would hinder us from studying our beliefs, and we couldn't have
>>as many benefits that come from doing so.
>I do not seem to have this problem: without belief, I tend to leave
>propositions as unexamined, neither doubting nor believing them until I
>have taken the time to examine them.

You may be right.

>Either way, I still do not use belief as I understand you to do.
>In this case, I use Zen techniques because I understand them to be
>useful, and have used them usefully in the past. I do not consider it
>/belief/ when I can show their utility, even if language prevents me from
>explaining exactly how they work or why they work.

More reflection is needed. BTW:What is your definition of 'belief'?
I've forgotten.

>Your "Zenarch" alter ego sounds like a helpful fellow. I have tried to
>integrate as many Zen practices as I can into my daily life. I am far
>from successful in every instance, and can readily see many areas where I
>can do better; but I find my life to be somewhat more peaceful and
>progressive now than before I started using them.


Corey A. Cook

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