Re: virus: web page scam?

Tony Hindle (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 20:26:52 +0100

In message <v02140b02af76e7fda8ef@[]>, Reed Konsler
<> writes
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>> I really like your web page,(I think it's yours?) I'm real new
>>to the internet. I made a page myself but didn't get many visitors. A
>>friend of mine just used an incredibly useful promotion page. Now she's
>>getting about 400 hits a day! I found a cool one that I'm thinking about
>>using at:
>>I figured you might want to check it out, I hope this helps you :)
>Holy Shit.
>I really would LOVE to know if this is an intentional advertizement.
>How do you think we could go about finding out?
I've looked at the page (it cant be found by internet explorer
but can be by netscape, this technology is a fucking mystery to me).
Anyway I reckon its an advertising scam, A good hook though.
I cant find the original anywhere so I cant reply by e-mail.
Tony Hindle.