Re: virus: Sign memes & Chomsky

Tony Hindle (
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 00:55:00 +0100

In message <970414.155652.CT.COOKCORE@ESUVM>, "Corey A. Cook"
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>I would love to argue in favor of my model against yours, but I don't
>remember what it is. I can't save copies of very many letters, and I
>didn't do so in this case. If you have a copy of what my model is,
>read it back to me and we can have fun trashing it.
Thanks for this paragraph Corey it had me laughing out loud.
I cant remember your model either. It might well be on my disc somewhere
but it doesnt come back when I ask the computer so it has gone forever.
>I couldn't agree with you more. The total and unabridged access to
>information may very well throw our culture into anarchy as more and
>more people wake up to the fact that they are letting others control
>them. But hopefully, what we are truly seeing are the birth-pangs of
>a new and better civilization.
>I'm feeling very optimistic, today.
Have we experienced reverberating hope?

So lets try and find our consensus reality (I agree with your
thoughts on this from your other post,) On second thoughts lets not
thats far too difficult. (you may not have been aware but I stared
blankly at the screen for 10 minutes after that last sentence.)
I reckon that all languages share a high order grammar that is
a reflection of the mental modules that exist in the common innate
substrate of the brain. What do you reckon?

Tony, All respect to Corey's sig. file
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