Re: virus: What makes memes compete?

Tony Hindle (
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 00:00:06 +0100

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Tim Rhodes <> writes
>> Q 4: What can we say about altruism as a meme?
>Other than that it may have a genetic underpinning? I think, "What can we
>say about empathy as a meme?" is a much more interesting question,
Agreed (sorry Robin I know how it feels to have ones question
brushed aside for another) I think empathy is potentially such a
virulent meme that stronger and stronger versions of it will fixate in
the parts of the world that talk to one another. It needs a foothold
with a group of people who all possess it to get going. Reciprocal
empathy is the key, all this is giving me deja vous, I wonder what the
french say when they get Deja vous.

Tony Hindle.