Re: virus: Consensus Reality

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 12:16:49 -0700 (PDT)

> >It's one of the many possible metaphysical
> >models, like solipsism, that can't really be disproved, so it isn't
> >really anything interesting.
> Don't see why that's a sequitur... Consensus reality meshes lovelily with a
> memetic view of human beliefs, so I reckon it's a more interesting view of
> reality than thinking about an objective reality that we'll never know...

"Consensus" already has all the meaning in the phrase. If one then
chooses to define "reality" as that which has consensus, then the
phrase becomes an empty tautology. If "reality" has a different
meaning, apart from consensus or any other consciousness, then it
becomes something meaningful and interesting to look for.

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