Re: virus: Sign memes & Chomsky

Tony Hindle (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 05:02:25 +0100

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Tim Rhodes <> writes
> The specialist cultures allow memetic evolution to accelerate
>> towards a model that explains in depth the specialists field. (well I
>> reckon this is the case for science, for some of the arts its memetic
>> evolution but no model explaining anything emerges).
>Actually, in the arts a model is constantly emerging, but it's often so
>self-referential it never makes any claims at being able to reach an in
>depth understanding, only at making more progress on the the model itself.

Reading this brings me the closest I have ever been to
understanding why I have never been able to make head nor tale of art.
(it makes me really pleased that I've never crumbled under pressure and
pretended I could make any sense of it)
And your stuff on the conflict being part of the process was
understandable too, thanks Tim.

Tony Hindle.
and thanks to everyone for all this mind-fuel.