Re: virus: What makes memes compete?

Dave Pape (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 19:14:56 +0100 (BST)

Basically, erm, Tony's nattering, I'm nattering too. It's a thing.

>>there's some situations where I feel okay about swearing a lot, and some
>>where I'd feel guilty just thinking about it... how does this square with
>>the concepts flying around the thread at the moment?
>...I believe in my more
>reflective times that the anti-swearing culture is an apparatus that
>further disempowers the uneducated (if the only question that enters
>your head is "what the fuck are you talking about" and you are not
>allowed to ask it, how can you ever learn anything?).


> Yes, I am becoming more convinced that "contradictory" memes can
>only be knowingly held without cognitive dissonance if a higher level
>meme synthesises them.

That's pretty much my opinion down to a wank.

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