Re: virus: Beyond the competition of memes

Tony Hindle (
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 02:16:19 +0100

> This was the first time I've put this idea down in type,
>so I'm a pleasantly surprised that it made sense. It all came to me in a
>flash of insight ten years ago during a bout of insanity (yep, I've even
>got the paperwork to prove it!) and I've been trying to express it in
>rational terms, with limited success, ever since (hence my stance in the
>"rational/irrational" debate). I'm glad it worked.

I have been reflecting on this more, its like i have a
distinction meme for it and now i am seeing new examples of it
everywhere. it is rampant in my memcology, I think it will milk my mind
it for as many new insights as it is good for over the next weeks before
splitting and starting over.
Tony Hindle.