Re: virus: Hegel's Virus (was Altruism, Empathy, Etc.)

Corey A. Cook (
Mon, 21 Apr 97 08:28:55 CT

Concerning your rant on Hegel's Virus:

In what way did you concieve this post? Did you conciously think
through most of the concepts, or did abstract ideas just occur to you,
which you then brushed up into grammaticly correct sentances?

I seriously wish to have answers to these questions. I am investigating
various methods of thinking, and your method seems (on the surface at least)
to be wildly different from that used by most of the people on this mailing

BTW: Your post seemed to end on a flat note. Did you run out of time or
patience while composing it?

Also, did you realise that, while ideas usually determine what a word
means, words can also affect the meaning of ideas. At least it does
to me.

Corey A. Cook

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