virus: Methods of Thinking

Corey A. Cook (
Mon, 21 Apr 97 10:33:33 CT

Of late, I have become extremely interested in the various
methods of thinking used be people, and am trying to get
concrete data, so that I might one day form generalities.

Data is everywhere, if you know where to look. Some places,
though, are easier to find than others. Of particular note
is when two individuals perform behaviors that are opposite
from one another. This draws the question: "Are they using
different methods of thinking?" One way to find out.

The behaviors I have in mind are: 1) the .sig file recently
used by Lee Daniel Crocker, stating that all ideas and whatnot
are placed in the public domain, and 2) a paragraph from Robin
Faichney, stating that a particular idea is property, and that
theft of said property would not be greeted with exclamations
of joy.

Is it possible that this is an example of two different mind-sets?
Or are they running the same basic program, just with different
stimuli? If either of you would like to describe the thought patterns
you experienced just prior to and during the writing of these
statements, I would much appreciate it.

BTW, 'method of thought', 'mind-sets', 'thought patterns', and the
idea of the mind as a program are ideas used by me to represent
'that thingie that looks really cool, go on, check it out'. Perhaps
when I gather more data I will be able to develop more descriptive

Corey A. Cook

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