Re: virus: Castaways

Tony Hindle (
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 17:08:42 +0100

Richard Brodie <> writes
This joke was so much of a peach that I sent it to a comedy
listing that I am subscribed too. Of course in keeping with my integrity
I didnt say it was my invention, I just removed all references to you
and hoped they would assume it was.

>[ A MIME application / ms-tnef part was included here. ]

Could anyone please tell me what to do with these mime
application things. I have a few and I still havent figured out what the
point of them is (dont just tell me to look it up, I have tried and the
book says "ha ha fuck off tony, serves you right for not staying with
Tony Hindle.
Computers, user friendly? bollox.
Not until the day I can just speak to it in english,
the day it greets me after a hard days work with a cheery
"welcome back, I'm taking you out and buying tonight"
and then on my return gets dressed up in stockings suspenders
and services me all night long, thats what I call user friendly.
Pass this on to Bill Gates