Re: virus: Beyond the competition of memes

Tony Hindle (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 04:25:21 +0100

In message <970421.102456.CT.COOKCORE@ESUVM>, "Corey A. Cook"
<> writes
>I too have noticed that the "any system of conflict is contained
>in a system which contains both the conflict and the causes of
>the conflict" meme has begun to pop up in my musings. Perhaps
>just passively reading your discussion is enough to create a
>'halo effect'. This might indicate that this meme is a
>particularly virulent one. Or, it might indicate that Tony's
>memcology and mine are similar, and thus we both have a weaker
>immunity to certain types of memes.

I certainly think our memcologies are similar, I am certainly
running some of your software (lots of CoV memeware). I reckon this
Tim's interaction theory is a conceptualisation of something that is
pervasive but for me until recently unrecognised.

Tony Hindle.