RE: virus: Altruism, Empathy, the Superorganism, and the Prisoner's

Robin Faichney (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 15:01:00 +0100

Dave Pape wrote:
>Robin Faichney wrote:
>>BTW, I'm fairly keen to attach my name to the suggestion
>>that empathy is a prerequisite for memetic transmission,
>>so if any of you entrepreneurial people out there are thinking
>>about passing it off as your own, don't expect to go
>>unchallenged! (Though I don't expect to publish anything
>>soon, I have mentioned it in circles even more prestigious
>>than this one, and I'm archiving all remotely related traffic
>Why? What empathy does Coca Cola Schweppes have with me? Coke memes have
>certainly transmitted between that Company and my mind... otherwise I
>wouldn't call Cola "Coke".

Umm.. sorry, but if you want a response to this, you're
going to have to spell it out for me.