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Tony Hindle (
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 06:39:52 +0100

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>EG... at the moment, as I think of my consciousness working "as memes (which
>are like genes, only cognitive, with a neurological substrate)", I'm
>thinking in LOADS of cognitive recursions before I get down to sensory-motor
>level. The loops, though I don't notice them... are pretty outlandish right
So memes which are information packets written onto the "outer
layer of the brain" are the genes that via an embryological recursion
(which includes sensory-motor) give rise to the "behavioural phenotype"
of the organism. Where behavioural phenotype *is* behaviour.

As for the rest of your post, My memcology resonated to the
extent that I was just about able to understand it then realised the
roots on which my understanding had been based, had been forgotten and
my understanding collapsed completely. This cycle went on a few times
and I never quite grasped it, but it was fun trying.
Tony Hindle.
>From nothing came entropy and complexity and thier interaction.
entropy and complexity and their interaction, is nothing.