Re: virus: Memetic Games

Dan Henry (
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 22:30:42 +0600

At 03:39 PM 4/23/97 -0400, Reed Konsler wrote:

>EVOLUTION I haven't ever carried out. This would require a psych
> department resources. Essentially this is an iterated game of
> teacher in which each student becomes a teacher for the next. It is
> vital that none of the participants be allowed to view any of the
> models save their own until after they are done teaching. This
> is similar to the "telephone" game except that when it's all over
> you have a physical record of each iteration in lego's My vision is
> to have a display in which a central model in presented and
> streams of models, each the product of an individual game from
> begining from this central model move, in sequence, away from
> it in all directions. That would be an awsome visual image of
> mutation.

Loved the variations, Reed! I propose taking the EVOLUTION game one step
further. Designate one person to play Reality. That person builds the
first model, and is not allowed to change it in any way (either he is always
the teacher, or he fakes when required). As people join in the play, they
are not to be told which person is Reality. People are allowed to mingle
and interact with everybody else a multitude of times (i.e., non-linear),
but can never show their model to another until the game's over.

It would be great to see factions developing. E.g., a certain group of
people become convinced that there is a bulge on one side. Will the bulge
meme win out?

Would the game play differently if the Reality model is beautiful and
symmetric (vs. random and chaotic)?

What if there were two Realities, slightly different?

What if people started with only the big pieces, and progressively smaller
pieces were released into play as time went on?

I'll participate!