RE: virus: Hegel's Virus (was Altruism, Empathy, Etc.)

Robin Faichney (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 10:05:00 +0100

James wrote:
>David wrote:
>> I have a tendency to "lay down the law"? That's ridiculous. I just don't
>>we should allow Buddhism or other belief systems that I don't agree with.
>Declaring Buddhism to be a belief system indicates clearly how poorly you
>understand it. There is no need for belief, only understanding.

I think, James, it might be better to say that Buddhism
*need not* be a belief system. Actual Buddhist traditions
do tend to involve lots of beliefs, but of course Buddhists
know that these are not essential. There was a terrific
IMHO article in a recent Tricycle called something like
"Buddhism without beliefs" which really got to the heart
of this issue. Buddhism as *radical* agnosticism.
Face up to *not* knowing, don't use beliefs as substitute
knowledge. Great stuff!