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Mark Hornberger (
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 14:39:47 -0500

If someone popped you in the nose, and you said "Hey, that hurt!"... would
it be a viable response for them to say "But there is no *you*, per se, as
a separate entity." Asking whether or not the self exists is a semantic
game, and (IMHO) little else. I have a corporate body, a mind,
consciousness, whatever, a collection of traits that together I call my
"self." While it may be true that my understanding of what my existence
implies or necessitates is less than I would like it to be, this limitation
has no bearing on my a priori existence.

(And by a priori I mean that even if I were in an auto accident and came
out a catatonic veggie, devoid of discernable consciousness or awareness, I
would still exist. If you doubt this assertion, query nurses on a
total-care floor whether or not their invalid patients exist. Wiping
someone's butt tends to dispel any suspicions that the butt's owner is


Mark Hornberger

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>What is "the self"?
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