Re: virus: Hegel's Virus (was Altruism, Empathy, Etc.)

Tim Rhodes (
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 14:03:18 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 23 Apr 1997, Robin Faichney wrote:

> Corey A. Cook wrote:
> >D. H. Rosdeitcher wrote:
> >>First of all, what do you mean that my method is "wildly different"?
> >
> >I am terribly sorry, but I am still unable to put it in
> >descriptive language yet. As of now, it is only a 'sence'
> >that something about your posts is different from others
> >on the list. Perhaps is something in your style of writing.
> I see it too, and what it looks like to me is an unusually
> determined attempt to make blah blah blah bla-blah bladdy-
> blah-blah blah blah, with a tendency to "balahdity blah blah
> blah" as to blah-blah bladity blahdious blah. The rest of
> us are generally interested in blah blah blah bla-blah
> blah blah blah. DHR seems more interested in blah blah...

Robin, why did you answer a question directed to DHR? You attempt to
speak to his motives based on his words. Didn't we just have that debate?
Why not wait and let DHR speak for himself?

(Sorry if you don't like this contraction of your name, David. But with
more than one David on the list it /would/ be nice to have a shorthand.)

-Prof. Tim