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Sun, 27 Apr 1997 20:31:59 -0600

> From: Reed Konsler <>
> Date: Sunday, April 27, 1997 8:02 PM

> >Go over that Prisoner's Dilemma again.
> Later. Not enought time right now. William Poundstone
> wrote an excellent introduction to game theory called
> "Prisoner's Dillemma" that I recommend you read

Excellent book, but I thought it was more about
John von Neumann than the PD.

Check out the PD article at Principia Cybernetica:

The paper that I presented at Evolutionary Programming '97
a couple weeks ago was about evolving programs that played
the iterated PD against each other. Like Axelrod's famous
study, but in this case the agents can choose their own
partners based on expectations and past histories.

A postscript version of the paper:

D. McFadzean and L. Tesfatsion (1996), "A C++ Platform for
the Evolution of Trade Networks," ISU Economic Report No. 39,
December 1996, to appear in Computational Economics,
Special Issue on Programming Languages.

can be found at

> Interesting you should use that word. Have you read "The Lucifer Principle"
> by Howard Bloom? He has some very interesting things to say about
> Superorganisms.

Another excellent book. Doesn't Bloom's view of superorganisms go against
Dawkin's position on population selection (or lack thereof)? Perhaps another
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