RE: virus: Altruism, Empathy, the Superorganism, and the Priso

Wright, James 7929 (
Mon, 28 Apr 97 09:14:00 EDT

Tim wrote:
>I think my views are similar, although I cloak them in different robes.<

>I consider my `state of wellbeing' (SofWB) to be a byproduct of the
>interaction between myself and my environment. So it is possible to
>improve my SofWB by improving my personal state or by improving the
>environment in which I am a part. So called "selfish" actions improve
>only my SofWB. So called "altruistic" actions attempt to improve my
>by raising the SofWB in those around me. Both stem from a degree of
>self-interest, but the second needs not be seen as entirely "selfish".

>Personally, I go with improvements in the general SofWB if given the
>choice, despite it's lack of traceable cause-and-effect. That's just my
>nature. :-)<

So do I. I generally agree with your approach.

Right now, though, I trying to raise two extremely self-interested
children, while trying to impress upon them (memetically?) the virtues of
cooperation, consideration of others' points of view, etc. I'm not sure
if any of it qualifies as altruistic, but maybe it'll make them more
considerate competitors!<VBG!>