Re: virus: Re: your mail

Wade T.Smith (
Tue, 29 Apr 97 07:36:01 -0400

>> >An even more obvious case: the "Santa Claus in red & white suit" meme
>> >is so successful in American culture that most people don't even know
>> >that the Coca-Cola company created it.
>> Oh?
>They weren't solely responsible: the jolly fat man image came from
>the poem, the image of the beard and the suit with fur trim came from
>Thomas Nast cartoons. Coke just made the suit red (Nast only drew
>in black&white) in lots of ads, and it kind of caught on.

Seems to me your definition of 'created it' wanders a bit to each side of
the road....

I also recall a figure common in European myths from before the 18th

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