Re: virus: Altruism, Empathy, the Superorganism, and the Priso ner'sDillema

Tim Rhodes (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 10:53:30 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 28 Apr 1997, Corey A. Cook wrote:

> Very fun, no? There you are, perhaps this persons only connection
> with the formalized discussion of whatever you are discussing, and
> you have the chance to let someone in on the secrets of the game.
> With this new knowledge, that person might go on to expand your
> field of interest to unknown reaches. Or, you can treat them like
> fools and just hope that they will curl up and die.
> It's your choice.

Thank you Corey, I was just about to make the same point. None of us
understands everything about every topic. (I count myself among the
noble savages on a great many of these subjects!) But that's no reason to
get snotty about it.

I think it may be a good time to invoke the Reed Principal on this thread
(well timed since Reed himself has thrown some sanity into the mix).

Maybe "altruism" in its many and varied forms can rest for just a day or
two so we can see what each other are *trying* to say, no?

Just a thought-
-Prof. Tim