RE: virus: Ben-Canaanite

Wright, James 7929 (
Thu, 01 May 97 13:19:00 EDT

Nate wrote:
>I don't favor kicking Ben-Canaanite off the list since he provides an
>opportunity for memetic experimentation. Its too bad there isn't some
>of "metalist band" that could be used to coordinate the experiments
>performing them synchronously may muddy the results. Results outlining
>mechanism for infecting Ben-Canaan's net-identity with some form of
>"self-respect" or "shame" meme would probably be welcomed across the
>I'm sure I'm not the only one to have thought of this ... I hope I
>accidently spit in anyone's petrie dish.<

A good and interesting point. We are, after all, trying to develop our
skills as memetic engineers, and if there ever was a case for experiment,
Ben-Canaan would seem to be it, having nominated himself in such a clear
and clever way.
On the other hand, given the widespread dissemination of the
"self-respect" and "shame" memes throughout Western culture and society,
one might expect that Ben-Canaan has been exposed to them before, and
either proven resistent to them or unable to grasp the basic concepts
involved. Either way, some sort of extremely virulent meme would appear
to be called for, perhaps "Super-shame" or "Ultra-self-respect".
I propose sending multiple copies of his Email message, complete with his
address, to a multitude of Usenet lists. This should result with his
receiving a few thousand replies indicating just how offensive his
original post is, with detailed analysis of his lineage and so forth from
numerous individuals around the globe.
What say you, Mr. McFadzean? Are you interested in displaying this
person's lack of personal positive attributes across the planet?