virus: Big Party, 6 weeks ish.

Tony Hindle (
Fri, 2 May 1997 16:27:28 +0100

Hello fellow CoVers. I am still reading but unable to post at
the moment until I get the technique of typing while cuddling a week old
angelic princess of all that is perfect pure and good (my household has
seen two successfull labours in two succesive fridays.) Instead of
getting her christened I think I will sample her first laugh and include
it in a message here (about six weeks acording to aristotle) consider
yourselves notified, I expect all listeners to take the opportunity to
celebrate the miracle of life by doing whatever they please on that day.

If anyone fancies answering this atatched plea for help please
do, I am curious to look at the place but havent got time at the mo (it
is good to help our brothers and sisters understand yes? also to BASH
THOSE KNEE JERK ANTI_DAWKINSERS...come on you genecentredists,
organismcentredists make more noise when they are playing with tonka
Thanks for all your wellwishing, I hope to be back in two way
comunications with this place soon, I need my mindfuel.

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Greetings all,

Out-numbered ...Help?

I received this message tonight from a user (who's name I wont mention
here). He is refering to the "Evolutionary Theory Homepage" - a web site
on the PaleoRing that features a mailing list discussion about

> I thought Dawkins fans might be interested to know that there is a new
> ('bout a month old) evolutionary theory email discussion list. It's quite
> robust and has a very interesting gene vs. Organisms as the basic unit of
> evolution debate going on right now. Thought some of the readers of this
> list might be interested in that list.
> You can sign up for it at:

The truth is that what he's really asking for is HEEELP! Most people on
the list are very against any gene-centered view of evolution and
dismiss it as "reductionist". Along with that they seem to "rip on
Dawkins" as a result.

Please consider getting involved in the discussion if you agree with the
neo-Darwinian view. Many people misunderstand selection at the level of
the gene and all that goes along with that. Attacks on the strawman
"reductionist" are also pointless. Richard Dawkins is a hierachical
reductionist, which is the only correct way to be in biology. Mark
Ridley's text EVOLUTION has a great chapter "units of selection" which
clears up much of this confusion.

Tony Hindle.