RE: virus: Hegel's Virus

Richard Brodie (
Tue, 6 May 1997 14:22:52 -0700

Tony Hindle wrote:

>Richard Brodie <> writes
>>Many liquor advertismements have
>>airbrushed or painted pictures of erect male genitals embedded in them.
> Can you tell me which ones. I want to look for myself and see
>I can see them, I am in england so make them global drinks ads if you

There are a bunch of them in "The Age of Manipulation" by Key. I'm
writing a review of it for a future MEME UPDATE.

> BTW I have read your book and it is FUCKING BRILLIANT. As I
>perceive it's value, I am now fighting my deep instincts to suck upto a
>high status male. Mind you, the first chance I get to sneak one up your
>wife I'll be taking it.

Thanks for the seratonin boost. =)

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