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Tony Hindle (
Wed, 7 May 1997 19:04:55 +0100

In message <>, Dave Pape
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>What does "spengey" mean? You said Dawkins said some book was "spengey"...
>I'm guessing that's not good, cos spengey sounds like cross between spongy,
>spermy, grungy... respect for Dawkins for more contributions to the English

Ooops sorry all. Spengey comes from "to spunk up" which is used
as a metaphor for having a really good time which is what reading "demon
haunted world" was for me. It wasnt Dawkins's word, I put it in his
mouth (oo-er matron). I forget sometimes that not everybody is a sexualy
obsessed emotionaly arrested foul mouthed twat like myself. Nonetheless
I would consider it an honour if one of you was to use the word spengey
in the future. It can be a little bit embarrasing explaining it's
entemology thats all.

Tony Hindle.
All of Carl Sagan's (and Dawkins') works I have so far come upon
(oo-er matron) have been fucking spengey.